Product information

Product information – B100

The B100 is designed with a blow applicator, making it ideal for non-contact labelling of labels up to 100×100 mm. Often used when labelling fragile products such as cakes and breads.

This product is no longer offered as a standard model. Please contact Andreas Olsson for further information.

Print resolution: 12 dots/mm (300dpi)
Max backingpaper width: 114 mm
Max print width: 108 mm
Max label roll OD: 340 mm
Label roll ID: 76 mm
Max ribbon length: 600 m
Ribbon roll ID: 25 mm
Ribbon winding: Ink-out
Pad size: 100×100 mm
Max applicator stroke: No stroke
Non-stick pad: Yes
Label check ready: No
Check scanner ready: No