Commitment and knowledge

MECTEC is an international company that sells, develops and manufactures industrial solutions for Print & Apply.

Today we are about 70 employees with high skills and a strong commitment. Our flexibility and quality are well known and the availability of service and expertise have resulted in long relationships with many of our customers. 


Market leader

When we started with InLine labelling in the mid 80's it became a success, and we are since then one of the market leader in industrial marking and labeling. Much of our strength lies in a strong development team that allows us to efficiently customize and tailor a solution for each unique customer. Together with a network of dedicated distributors around the world, we continue to grow and the export ratio is now 75%.


Mectec Elektronik is a part of the Domino Group, a global company with 2 200 employees wordwide. Domino provides complete solutions for inkjet, laser, thermal transfer and labelling technologies covering many industry sectors including food, beverage and pharmaceutical.

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